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Posted by shotfromthepoint on November 28, 2008

I wanted my first post to be a special note about goalie moms, truly a special breed of hockey mom.  My hockey spirit is in the crease as two-thirds of my offspring live between the pipes.  Hockey players are renowned for their superstitions and their almost obsessive-compulsive behaviour-like pre-game rituals.  Goalies are especially famous for their eccentricities (then again, they are standing in front of a fairly fast moving projectile so it might stand for good reason). 

 Legendary goalie, Patrick Roy, often talked to his posts.  When asked why, he said, “They are my friends”.   Jocelyn Thibault lays his gear out on the floor the same way before every game.  Ask any goalie, and I guarantee you they will have developed some pre-game ritual and superstition.  So I did.  I asked my oldest tonight about what superstitions he had at game time.  He just looked at me and gave me an, ‘I have no superstitions, i just play my game’ answer.   Yet I watch him habitually do one fast lap as he comes on the ice, skate to his crease and shred the ice in front of it, do a couple of side-to-side pad slides while his teammates ready the warmup, stop a dozen or so pucks and head to the bench for the pre-game chant.  Naturally he taps each post before the face off and assumes the stance with glove hand ready.  No, no rituals here.

Even if your little superstar is not superstitious s/he probably will join in whatever team ritual gets established to demonstrate their team spirit to help cough up the win.  Hey, and are fans any different?  I’m beginning to develop my own hockey superstitions as a goalie mom. 

What’s yours?


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