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Fashion while dashin’

Posted by shotfromthepoint on November 29, 2008

My son fund raised at the Ottawa 67’s game last night.    Some  marketing wizard obviously figured out that saying ‘No thanks’ so a little kid is a lot harder than saying ‘No thanks’ to an ornery old unionized civic employee.   Basically, the team players stand at all 4 entrance ways and and sell 67’s hockey programs and OHL Yearbooks.  The team gets a cut of the sales and 15 tickets to the game.  Not a bad deal for the team (and considering the game was sold out last night, I think a very good deal for our team!).  Added bonus from my HR perspective is to watch these kids and speculate on who’s going to grow up and excel at some 100% commission sales job!  It wouldn’t be a bad idea for some high school guidance counsellors should hang out at these games to assess skill and aptitude and not just hockey talent scouts.  

A very social event, lots of die-hard OHL fans in their team gear.  Lots of teenagers too, dressed to impress.  As I revved up for this – yet another eventful hockey weekend, I’m contemplating my own arena wardrobe.   Arena fashion is an oxymoron.   Warmth, style and comfort are hard to put together in one sentence let alone assemble on a human being.

Remember in high school when flannel-lined jeans were all the rage?  Well guess what has made it back into my arena wardrobe?  Betchya can’t find these beauties at Mexx.  You can, however, find them at Sears, in case your arena wardrobe could use a pair!

Flannel Jeans

I wore mine to my daughter’s game at ottawa U this morning but I’m not sure if they’ll be suitable for my son’s Saturday night game!  Afterall, there is a pizza party afterward.  I do have my standards.

Happy cheering!


2 Responses to “Fashion while dashin’”

  1. Kristine said

    Warmth is always fashionable! You have to be warm and toasty, so wear your flannel lined jeans with pride and sass, you arena fashionista you!

  2. Love to hear about the flannel lined jeans. I swore I would never wear UGG boots, but last year I broke down and bought a pair, and let me say I now have warm feet in the hockey arena for the first time. As a hockey mom, this is now a little slice of heaven.

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