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Take the high road….

Posted by shotfromthepoint on December 1, 2008

You know, Cuz, it’s sometimes hard to take but I always say in these situations: Take the high road.  PPs are everywhere, and you can’t change them.  They’re the ones with the problem life not you.  I’m sure we’ll have lots of posts about crazed hockey parents (I know because I am one – but I’m ‘the good witch of the north!’).

T’s team had a game a couple of weeks ago where the officiating was not consistent.  It happens.  The linesmen (kids) were inexperienced and missed a lot of calls.  The ref (not a kid) was on his own and did his best.  At one point, the visitors crowd started chanting, “Homer! Homer!” insinuating that the referee was a hometown ref supporting the hometown team (he was not by the way).  The officiating was poor but it wasn”t just one-sided.  We won the game 3-1 and not because of bad officiating (we managed to defend through two double minor 5-3’s; they did not; plus our net minding was exceptional, if I may say so).  Their coach was ejected.  Immediately after the game two parents started tearing a strip off the ref.  The ref gave the coach two more game suspensions based on the parents post-game behaviour.  You would not believe the things these parents were saying to this coach!  I took E home because it was getting ridiculous and she had learned enough choice new phrases.  This is house league, recreational, PeeWee hockey for 11 and 12 year olds.  Honestly.  I say it again:  Take the high road.


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