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The dark side of hockey….

Posted by shotfromthepoint on December 3, 2008

David Frost was found not guilty of sexual exploitation last Friday.  The Judge said the case “exposed a very dark side of hockey”.  Let’s not hash out the sordid details of what came out in the trial; Christie Blatchford at the Globe and Mail did that quite effectively.

The most important thing I’ve learned from David Frost?  One of the mothers of one of the women who testified said it best:  she hopes the trial teaches parents to be wary of the trust they put in coaches who work with their children.

I have a great deal of respect for those who have coached my three kids so far in this life.  Their volunteer time and dedication to youth and sport have certainly encouraged love of the game, camaraderie and teamwork in all my kids.   Yet we all know there are bad boys (and girls) in all sports… hockey is no different (hmmmmm, how about Sean Avery?).  It would appear that teamwork and camaraderie went a bit too far in 1996/97 with the Junior A Quinte Hawks hockey team. 

This is a wake up call for those parents who choose not to get involved in any way in their kids sporting lives, but just write those cheques and leave it to the coaches to ‘do their job’.   Make sure you volunteer some time on your kids’ teams throughout the years, throw hockey parties so you get to know coaches and parents, and simply attend their games as often as possible.

He may have got off this time, but he’s bound to mess up again soon enough.  In the meantime, get out there and support your kids … no matter what the sport.


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