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Secret Santa Dilemnas…

Posted by shotfromthepoint on December 10, 2008

It’s Tuesday evening and I am angsting about the weekend hockey events (angsting is a fairly strong word actually; maybe I’m mildly concerned).  As crazed as it will be, this weekend promises to be a bit more on the social side, if I can just figure out how to clone myself between now and the weekend.   On Saturday, #1 has a 4pm hockey game in Goulbourn following by his team Christmas party.  #2 has a 4pm game in Almonte (yes I will require my GPS) followed by his team Christmas party.  #3 has a 9am hockey game Sunday morning (apparently minor hockey and congregational worship do not mix) followed by her team Christmas party. 

Since I cannot go to church on Sunday, can you please pray that I don’t mess things up and send the cute purple Webkin to #1Child’s super competitive hockey team mate meant for  #3Child’s Webkin-crazed team mate, that the younger siblings of #2child’s team don’t scream at me because I didn’t prepare a loot bag for them too and that other various Secret Santa snafus don’t befall me this weekend.

Though I have nothing to do with the other two parties (other than ensuring the right gift gets in the right hockey bag), I did have to organize the hockey party for #2child’s team.  I had to sign a contract with the City of Ottawa to rent a hockey arena hall for 2 hours for $67.  I have to go to the LCBO to get a liquor licence so the adults can crack open a cold one and toast each other on a job well done (but if I don’t get there in time, I guess we can sneak a bottle or two in a my kid’s hockey bag…Oh, what’s this? a purple Webkin? Oh no!!).  I prepared a list of duties and responsibilities so everyone knew what they had to bring and how much (I said I organized the party; I didn’t say I did the whole thing myself!).  Our total guest count has change 4x in the last 3 hours.  I’m ready for professional event planning.  Know anyone needing a catered event with a sensational view of Saturday night public skating at a rural Ontario community centre?  Never know….. it could catch on.


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