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I am smitten…

Posted by shotfromthepoint on December 12, 2008

You may have realized by now that part  of my never-ending pursuit of happiness includes the quest for warm arena gear that people might actually buy.   When  I read my dear cousin’s blog entry about ‘warm hands, warm heart’ , see, it was quite a revelation.   The study is irrefutable though:  those with warm hands are more likely to give than receive or except to receive.  My big problem with this revelation though:  my hands [and feet] are always cold [regrettably, cold feet were not part of this study, so we are left wondering what positive attributes are possessed by those with warm feet].    Naturally, when I’m in an arena they are even colder.   I know most people clap to cheer on the team and acknowledge great plays.  It’s a very socially acceptable practice.  I clap to maintain circulation.    I’m not supposed to clap for the opposing team but have learned to both maintain appropriate level of blood circulating in my hands and quell the disapproval of my fellow fans with the odd  “Well you have to admit, it was a good save!”.   Lightening cannot penetrate such formidable fortifications as hockey arenas, so I’m safe.

So I’ve come across a product that will satisfy my quest for both warmth and intimacy.  Feast your eyes, warm your hands and hearts and let the giving begin:

The Smitten-Mitten

The Smitten-Mitten

Can’t you just see it?   My husband and I together at a hockey game, hands locked in everlasting togetherness as we gaze lovingly and appreciatively at our offspring faithfully guarding their territory as their teams blaze on.  What warm hands and warms hearts we will have.  There will be no end to our warmth and giving.

EEERRRRRrrrrrttttt!  Wake up! Quick!  Pass the coffee.  Does anyone know any couple who’d be caught dead or alive sporting these?  I’m pretty sure it would go like this:  “If we were the only parents in the stands, if the bleachers had icicles hanging from them, if I were high on Zamboni fumes and if I’d just finished my consumption of the the 2008 Kahlua production quota, I still wouldn’t be caught dead in a Smitten Mitten”.

So the quest continues.  Go ahead… spread the love… and warmth…


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