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Is Hockey More Important Than Santa?

Posted by shotfromthepoint on December 20, 2008

100_0019The countdown has started…”10 more days…9 more days…”  One would think that the ending to this countdown would be “until Santa comes”, but oh, no, not in our house.  “10 more days…until Ottawa” is more like it.  It seems that our lives are now measured only by hockey tournaments or special events having to do with hockey, and the days in between are just filler.  

This year, like last, Jack/Rick’s team is headed to the Bell Capital Cup in Ottawa; however, the discussion around the dinner table has less to do with hockey and more to do with the following:  The two story slide in the hotel, are we visiting the Parliament buildings again, can we have breakfast/lunch/dinner with the team, are we going to the All Star game, when do we get to see the Latvian teams play, when are we going to see Connor, Taylor, Emily, did Peter build the skating rink this year, what are we having for dinner when we get there, etc. etc.  Oh yeah, there are also those pesky details like where will we play?  Who is Barbara Ann Scott, and why does she have an arena named for her when she didn’t play hockey anyway?  W hile this white noise is playing in the background, I have a vacant smile on my face as I am thinking “Wow, no cooking or making beds for 5 days…Is there a spa in the hotel?…  Can’t wait to shop with my hockey Mom friends…I traded in my Airmiles and got our hotel free…I can drink wine and not have to worry about driving down the hallway to my room…”

 I am trying to give the kids a great Xmas this year; Papa is coming over, we’re opening our gifts together, turkey and the trimmings will be prepared, but all the while the Andersons are just biding time until our real Xmas in Ottawa.  Normal kids usually spend the pre-Dec 25 time searching the house for presents; mine are checking the stats of the other teams and hoping that we’ll run into the team from Finland or Beijing so they can trade pins. 

I don’t think it’s the hockey or the extras that are making it so special; I think it’s more that we will be together, we can relax and enjoy time with the Chisholms, and there’s no pressure on us.  Really, the hockey is just a bonus; it’s the rest of the trip that makes it memorable.  My pics from last year show our trip to Parliament Hill, fireworks, horsing around in the pool, etc. and I have no doubt that this year will be the same.

So, sorry, Santa…you are on our minds, but all the while the wrapping is being ripped off Beni-Hana style on Xmas morning, the countdown will still be on…”Only 3 more days until Ottawa”…

Merry Xmas, Hockey Moms


One Response to “Is Hockey More Important Than Santa?”

  1. Astra said

    … and we can’t wait!@

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