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Hectic Hockey Holiday

Posted by Astra on January 5, 2009

Most hockey associations took a break over the holidays.   This hockey mom’s  can boast the following hockey events over the short two-week “break”:

– one father-son hockey game (locally organized, 5th annual)
– 8 hockey practices,plus one that was inadvertently overlooked (6am practice? Oops, sorry.  Hope Santa brought me a new alarm!)
– 3 league games
– 7 Bell Capital Cup tournament games (6 of my own, plus 1 for the Predator!)
– 1 World Cup Junior game (Latvia vs Sweden – poor Latvia!)

The real fun of this hockey break, though, was in all the social events that surrounded these actual arena events.  I look forward to the fact that all the above scheduled events precede the best family get-togethers of not just the the holiday season, but of the entire year!  The Bell Capital Cup always promises house guests, in this case the in-laws and my co-blogger and her family.  Racing around the city from arena to arena (some 30 locals arena are used for this monster tournament!) is quelled by a warm fire at home with wine chilled and at the ready, plus family and friends available and understanding as you relive every shot, every save, every goal, every loss, and every victory!

As our kids’ quest for post-season play off spots surges into overdrive in January, look for these exciting future posts on our hockey mom website:

– Who was the winner of the Bell Capital Cup hockey team pin exchange?
– Which hockey mom lost her voice first?
– A hockey mom’s quest for the best portable GPS!
– The victor in a height/weight comparison between my kids and the Kazikstan goalie (believe me, he is does not get ‘By’ to the next round)
– This hockey mom’s search for a new set of drums before the next international hockey event that involves Latvia (how could I have been so grievously misinformed and unprepared?),
     and of course,
– The best hockey mom detox diet!!!


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