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Acceptable reasons for missing hockey practice…

Posted by Astra on January 8, 2009

Ask a true hockey fanatic what are the acceptable excuses for missing hockey practice and you’re likely to be replied with “A note from the coroner”.   This is Hockey Country (sorry, is that plagiarism?) and there are no valid reasons for missing hockey practice.   Yet as I sent my first-born and husband off in a winter storm warning that surrounded Ottawa and much of the eastern seaboard yesterday, with a bag of lukewarm chicken fingers to go, I did so with a tinge of guilt.  “Hurry up!”, I said, “I told the Smiths you’d take Johnny too!”  My husband muttered something that sounded like 60km gusts of wind but I didn’t quite hear him.  Johnny’s parents, my husband tells me later, would not allow Johnny to go, citing what sounded like near zero visibility conditions as a reason, or was that we fear our zero defensive consistency?   I didn’t quite hear him.  “The plows are out on the highway; you’ll be fine! Now don’t be late!” to which my husband added something that sounded like, “I just passed a plow in the ditch”, or was that ” I married a sassy b#!ch“?   As the story goes, they did not make it to practice, but made it safely home after spending an hour to drive one exit on the highway.

Truth is, there are plenty of acceptable reasons to miss a practice, bad weather at this time of the year is the most obvious.  As a true hockey mom, I admit to occasionally losing perspective.  Sanity was lost long ago anyway, why not toss in perspective for good measure once in a while… keeps my family on their toes (Hey, I heard that!  It sounded something like “Is she serious?).

So as more winter weather approaches and I’m off to Embrun for a hockey tournament with my daughter while my other half (heck, if I’ve lost sanity AND perspective, it’s only fair that he’s only the other half and not the better half, right?)  holds the reins with the two boys with their opposite-end-of-the-city-conflicting-hockey times, let’s give the Hockey RULES mantra a breather.  

If the roads are ugly, ugly things can happen.  Keep your kids (and other halves) home.


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