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I Am A Foreigner In The Land Of Girls’ Hockey

Posted by shotfromthepoint on January 14, 2009


“We don’t play with rubber ducks, we just play with hockey pucks, we don’t wear no mini-skirts, we just wear our hockey shirts….”  Okay, I admit it; I am a foreigner in the land of Girls’ Hockey.  After 17 (count ’em) years of being a Hockey Mom, sometimes wearing lipstick, sometimes not, I am stymied by this entity known as Girls’ Hockey.

Okay, here’s the order of importance:  1) Cheering , 2) Clothing , 3) Pimp My Hockey Bag , 4) Parties and Sleepovers, and, oh yes…5) Hockey!  Whaaaaat?  I can’t believe it!  These girls are more coordinated in their hockey gear then I am in my work attire.  Accessories, accessories…matching hockey tape too.  We may not be the best team in the league, but we are the best dressed.  Where’s the blood, sweat and tears?

Well, don’t kid yourself; #72, aka “Killer Anderson” has been known to sharpen her elbows and not take any guff when on the ice.  She also didn’t cry upon receiving her first penalty, of which I was very proud…And, the girls on the Novice C Flames have all become puck hungry and improved their skills greatly, thanks to a great coaching staff…but overall, there’s this whole “fun” atmosphere going on in Girls’ Hockey.  Fun?  Sportsmanship?  Is it possible to mix Fun and Hockey in the same sentence?

I have spent much of this blog talking about Jack/Rick’s team, and neglecting to mention the fantastic year that Kristen is having in her first year of Girls’ Hockey…To be honest, I was upset at first when Rick introduced Kris to this entity.  However, I can now safely say that I really enjoy watching the Girls and their progress; at the beginning of the season we were like a “Bad News Bears” type of mish-mash team.  Some girls had only ever experienced Tim-Bits hockey, and now they were changing on the fly.  Excuse me?  6,7 and 8 year olds on the same team?  Unheard of!

Like a foreigner to a new land, I have gone through the cycles:  Initial excitement, trepidation, confusion when I realize I’m in a strange place, and eventual acceptance and appreciation for what is a formidable environment.  Don’t get me wrong, there are issues everywhere, but there is more protection of the girls’ experience to ensure that it is a positive one.

I think this foreigner will stick around for a while; I like what I see.



One Response to “I Am A Foreigner In The Land Of Girls’ Hockey”

  1. Kristine said

    Good to know the girls still have their priorities straight and understand the power of good accessorizing!

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