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“O, Canada, Our Home of The Bell Cup…”

Posted by shotfromthepoint on January 14, 2009

100_04862Top Ten Moments From the Bell Capital Cup:

10) Playing Mini Sticks in the Hallway Until the 19 Year Old Security Guard with The Kevlar Vest Muscled Us Into Our Rooms (“Well, we HAVE received complaints about this floor…”)

9) Our “Absolut Trainer”, Greg Getting the Coaching Staff Drunk the Night Before Game 2

8) Spooning with Jenn Under the Hotel Blanket and Explaining to the Dads That That’s Really All We Need as Women

7) Watching With Pride As Our Team Came In Right Behind The Winners During the Skills Competition

6) Cheering With Pride As Garret (#9 in Your Cookbooks) Won the ShootOut During the Skills Competition

5) Pooling Our Resources on New Year’s Eve For An Impromptu Pot Luck With The Parents and Kids

4) Watching With Wonder as Mr. Q (#10 in Your Cookbooks) Asked So Many Questions of our Parliament Hill Tour Guide That We Were Looking For the Off Switch

3) Giggling As All The Sibs Were Playing DS Simultaneously On The Same Couch And Wondering How Many More Could Fit (See Facebook For Full Photo Album)

2) Cheering Loudly As We Witnessed Connor’s Team Win in Double OT To Move On To The Semi-Finals


1) Taking Two Hours To Say GoodBye Because No One Wants It To End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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