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The quest for the holy grail of minor hockey…

Posted by Astra on January 14, 2009


Recent studies point to the link between the anxiety experienced by hockey moms during the quest for the holy grail of minor hockey and an increase in high blood pressure.  Okay, maybe just a temporary increase in high blood pressure.  Okay, so I have zero basis for this assertion other than my own recent “study”: how I felt when my son’s Major PeeWee A team went into double overtime at the quarter-finals of the annual quest for the holy grail of minor hockey (better known to most as the Bell Capital Cup hockey tournament). 
My son’s
team skated their way to a Bronze Medal finish at the 2008-09 Bell Capital Cup hockey tournament.  Following round robin games that included 2 wins and a tie, the team came face-to-face with a previously unbeaten league adversary to capture this exciting elimination game and advance.  Tension was not abated as the team took on their own association’s rival in the quarterfinals.  At the end of a riveting 0-0-tie game, the teams took to overtime.  After a scoreless 4-on-4 first overtime, the visitors’ bench and stands erupted following an exciting goal by our team to capture the win in the second sudden death overtime period, which had gone to 3-on-3.  Though hearts and hockey sticks were all in the right place, the team could not get past another league rival but took a dignified 2-1 loss in the semi final.
Our family has been participating in this tournament some four consecutive years now and this is the farthest any of my kids has advanced.  Get past the round robin games means tension and excitement mount.  Hence my high blood pressure “study”.  Oh, did I mention my son was the goalie?  Luckily RA1963 was there to help ease the [systolic] pressure.  Please pass the Norvasc…



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