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More chicks with sticks…

Posted by Astra on January 16, 2009

EMC's RDGHA Tournament Win!

EMC's RDGHA Tournament Win!

May I add some musings to the girls hockey forum as well.  While I’ve only been a hockey mom for 7 years, this marks my 4thyear as a hockey mom to a girl!  Though the girls take to the ice like ducks take to water, I admit I had a tough time with the stuffed Mascot at centre ice during pre-game warm up.   Precious running time is lost as practically the whole bench must console the goalie after each goal scored against her.    Hotel hallway ministick games has given way to nail painting marathons  (note to self: must stock up on red, black and white nail polish).   On the upside, the locker room is a place where camaraderie is professed by hugs not farts, colouring pencils are exchanged over team dinners at restaurants instead of spitballs and  Hanna Montanna music reigns over SouljaBoy.  Did you know six 8-year old girls can fit comfortably in a hotel double bed? I know things may change as she gets older but for now, having fun precedes the competition.  The other night I left my daughter on the outdoor rink at our local arena with 3 teen aged boys while I went inside to check on my son’s game.  As I walked away with some degree of worry, I overheard one of the boys say, “I think I have the little guy’s puck” to which his friend answered, “I think it’s a girl!” To this, the first responded, “Well, she’s on my team then!” 

She can skate, she can pass, she can shoot, she can score. She’s as good a player as she is a rink rat!


One Response to “More chicks with sticks…”

  1. Kristine said

    Girl’s hockey sounds like fun!(except the Hanna Montana part)

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