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A non-hockey weekend…almost

Posted by Astra on February 18, 2009

winter-2008-2009-091What a perfect set up!  This past Family Day weekend was preceded by a PD Day for my kids so we all took a respite from hockey and went skiing1.  We got together with 3 other families2 and first took to the slopes of Tremblant, then Mont Blanc.  Four days of next-to-perfect weather and near perfect conditions3.


Now back to the arena… let the playoffs begin!


Footnotes a-plenty as we may strive for perfection; yet, nothing in life is perfect.  It was a great weekend, nevertheless!


1          Okay, so maybe Goalie1 had to make an appearance in Ottawa on Saturday for a playoff hockey game in which he didn’t even play, but we were all there almost the whole weekend.

2         Okay, so maybe one of the families couldn’t make it because they had a hockey tournament and someone else’s grandmother died so they had family to attend to prior to arriving but we almost all the families were in attendance.

3         Okay so maybe it was -20 at the top of Tremblant on Friday but we forgot about that by Saturday (which is when our toes finally thawed).



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