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Winterlude 2009

Posted by Astra on February 24, 2009

Goalie31, Goalie1 and Winger10

Goalie31, Goalie1 and Winger10

The regular minor hockey season is now over and everyone is sprouting their playoff hockey beards.  Maybe not everyone.  Okay, no one.  While Goalie31 has soared through the first round of playoffs for his team, Goalie1 and Winger10 are poised to start theirs.


One round successfully under our jock and jill straps, and with no hockey on the schedule until the early evening, we celebrated our morning off by taking in the final day of Winterlude 2009 on the Rideau Canal Skateway.  


The Rideau Canal — designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site — becomes the world’s largest skating rink every winter and is Ottawa’s true winter gem!   We’re proud ambassadors of Ottawa’s Winterlude showing off Jacques Cartier Snowflake Kingdom ice slides, snow sculptures competition and ice carvings at Confederation Park to annual guests who find their way to our home this time of year.   The real draw for us, though, is skating on the canal.  Winter in Ottawa would not be the same without this annual outing.  My kids skating ability surpassed mine not too long after they emerged from the baby stroller.   I can never say no to their pleadings for hot chocolate and requisite Beavertail.


I am astounded by the many different styles of skates that materialize this time of year.  Almost nothing is more impressive than watching a classic speed skater glide his way down the canal.  Nothing is quite as hilarious as watching a Japanese tourist don blades for the first time.  Imagine you’re a university student and can throw your backpack over your shoulder and skate to school for a change.  I will never forget watching two nuns proficiently skating arm in arm.  It’s a great place to get some fresh air and exercise (okay technically the Beavertails are probably not part of a healthy diet), and people watching on the canal is out of this world.


The weather forecast for Friday and Saturday this week calls for temperatures of 6-9º C, so this past Sunday was probably our first and last outing this year.  Never mind.  Winter 2010 is only 10 months away and with it another canal season.


One Response to “Winterlude 2009”

  1. Kristine said

    If beavertails are good enough for Obama, surely they are good enough for the rest of us. Yum…

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