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Goodbye, Mrs. Coach

Posted by shotfromthepoint on March 8, 2009

I have had the proud honour of being “Mrs. Coach” for the last four years and subsequent two years previously while Rick has coached both Jack and Harry.  However, with the passing of the torch and Rick’s retirement from coaching, “Mrs. Coach” will also be retiring.

What will I miss?  Picking out Xmas presents for my “babies” as I loved to call them, giving them hugs after games, planning sleepovers, end of year parties, birthday parties, dinner parties, any parties, just so we could all get together for some laughs.

I will miss waiting for Rick to come down the stairs before the game, looking all GQ in his shirt, tie and jacket, while I look like a dog’s breakfast trying to rush around getting everyone ready and ensuring that Jack has his shirt tucked in and his pants untwisted.

I will miss watching Rick gather the kids between periods to give them pep talks, wondering what magical words of wisdom he will use to motivate them, or if he is at a loss for words and just trying to come up with something to get “the bag of hammers” moving.

I will miss my hockey family this year, as some of my babies will move up, some down, and one out of town (Goodbye, Corris family, we love you!)  Although we will see each other occasionally, each year is different, with new excitement, and new challenges; but I don’t think we will ever have another hockey family like the one we had this year.

And finally, I will miss being Mrs. Coach to Coach Rick; our long talks when he is unsure of a decision he’s made, the pride I am overwhelmed with when he has coached his championship teams, and the growth I have seen in him with each positive and negative experience.  I am very proud to have been Mrs. Coach, and I will still give my babies hugs in the arenas when I see them, even if it’s just as plain old Jack’s mom.


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