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League Championship win caps season for NH1 Kool Katz

Posted by Astra on April 14, 2009


My little NH1 Kool Kat faced her arch nemeses, the NH2 Wolverines, in the MOGHL (Metro Ottawa Girls Hockey League) Novice A championship game on Friday April 10th at Carleton University Ice House.  Not to disappoint the 100+ crowd of friends and family that had gathered to support their young superstars, the contenders faced off and an exciting and fierce battle followed.  The officiating was fairly contentious culminating with our go-ahead goal being called back.  I may be biased, but the ref saw everyone one of our penalties and off-sides and almost none of our opponents.  The end of regulation time saw the teams tied.  They went to 4-on-4 sudden death overtime, but our centre Julia scored to take the victory 2-1.  Congratulations to my little gem for bringing home our family’s first league championship trophy and to delivering an unforgettable performance. 


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