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Hockey Mom Epiphanies…

Posted by Astra on April 28, 2009

Hockey mom epiphanies…


I know all hockey moms experience it – a hockey mom epiphany moment.  Many can say, “I knew I was an official hockey mom when…”  Others can’t actually recall a specific event – having been a hockey mom for so long.


I had mine this past week.  My daughter’s hockey team finally had their year-end party (yes, I know it’s the end of April but we let the season linger!).  As one of the many volunteers on the team I was unexpectedly acknowledged during the party and given a token of the team management’s appreciation.  Well, I opened the box and it was a travel coffee mug.  Sure, I agree, very apropos gift for a hockey volunteer.  But wait!  It has the team logo on it, along with my name!  Also printed were all the girls’ names and nicknames.  I almost cried!  NOW, I am officially a hockey mom!  I am so proud of my new mug.


I had another moment to savour this week in hockey:

All three of my kids are playing Spring  4-on-4 hockey.  Prior to registration, Goalie#1 decided he would play out (as a player instead of goalie) to improve skating.  He scored his first goal EVER tonight!!!  Wish I could have been there to see it!


What a week!



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