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Year End

Posted by shotfromthepoint on July 7, 2009


 Year-Ending (or “12-months-ending”) is a 12 month period used for financial and other seasonal reporting. 

Normally year end is a term reserved for financial reporting, but, as the above definition suggests, can also serve to mark the end of seasonal reporting. 

So, while the official minor hockey season ended some months ago for my three superstars, the spring 4-on-4 hockey season ended just a few weeks ago.  Today I mark the official end of the hockey season for me with an annual year-end stunning performance:  doing all the hockey laundry.

This is no walk in the park to the laundry room.  It’s a small stinking mountain best assembled while sporting rubber gloves.  There are certain pieces of protective gear I will only hoist to their sacrificial volcano, the washing machine tub is filled with boiling hot water generously laced with bleach, with tongs.  It’s hard to believe that this mound of mucous and sweat will somehow return to the summer fresh smell of clean laundry.  The crusty socks at the bottom of the hockey bag are sadly rejected from this ceremony and delivered directly to the garbage can … at the local municipal disposal site preferably.  Hazardous materials are only permitted on certain days, you know.

DSC01811The things we do for our kids.  I have been performing this ritual yearly now for almost 10 years now.  You’d think I would have invested in a HazMat suit by now. 

Now, serenaded in the background by Stompin’ Tom, I go forth …..

Get out of that bed you sleepy head
My Hockey Mom would say
Grab your skates and don’t be late
There a hockey game today

And poor old dad was feelin’ bad
Because he couldn’t come
He’d have to go to work and so I took
my orders from:  My Hockey Mom.

My Hockey Mom…Ain’t she a plum… My Hockey Mom
My Hockey Mom… Forever young… My Hockey Mom

Thanks Tom!

P.S.  Only 44 days left until the first try-out…


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