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All Hail the Chief

Posted by Astra on September 30, 2009

hockey manager

Okay, so get this.  I am now a team manager.  Yessiree, look at me, all puffy-chested.  Team Manager, that’s me.  BWA… Big Woman at the Arena. 

 I have always wanted to be a team manager.  In my 9 years of hockey momdom, this role has somehow eluded my command.  I acknowledge the role has always gone to another who is decidedly more qualified, but that never stopped my longing.  To tell you the honest truth, I never even verbally expressed an interest in this role to any coach until recently so it should come as no surprise that I have never been a Team Manager.  Finally, someone has seen the good in me (read: sucker) and wants me to volunteer (read: no one else would).

 Hey, guess what?  So, after masses of inaugural emails to all parents about fun things like budgets, tournaments, ice breaker events, jersey numbers, other team volunteers needed, and so on, it dawns on me that this role might actually be a lot of work.  I’ve just returned from a mandatory association meeting of all team managers.  Seemed to me that everyone in that room had been a team manager before and I was the only newb.  Now I’m a newb with a rep.  Every single agenda item that was raised was totally new.  My aching rotator cuff needs some serious therapy considering how often my hand shot up asking, “Okay where do I get that form?” , “We need Police Record Checks for who?”. “Exactly how do I get my log on for access to the ice management system?”, “We order socks from whom?”, Sorry, that deadline again was when?”, and I’m pretty sure I heard an audible groan or two for each, “Okay do let me see if I’ve got this straight…..” that I blurted out.  Oh they hate me.

 I also found out tonight that I have another mandatory meeting next week for the governing metro house league association… the boss association of our local association.  Oh, they are not going to like me.  But I like me!  I am a Team Manager!  All hail….


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