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Hi, my name is aig63 and I’m a Goalie Mom

Posted by Astra on October 2, 2009

I am a mother of three hockey stars as many of you know.  Two of them are goalies, accounting for my frequent admissions to substance abuse programs.  Other hockey moms often say to me, “Oh, I could never be a goalie mom”.  They rest their hand on my shoulder in solemn condolence, “Oh, you poor dear”.  These ongoing reassurances have been a great help through my therapy and I am now able to stand up at accept my fate:  I am a goalie mom.

Goalie mom As I work through this acceptance phase, it’s important for me to not dwell on the negatives of being a goalie mom but acknowledge and celebrate the positives: 

  1.  In addition to wearing the most amount of protective gear of any player on the ice, my goalie child is protected by all team mates.  NO ONE TOUCHES THE GOALIE and lives.
  2. I can enjoy half the season’s games completely stress-free since my child is sitting on the bench every other game.
  3. It is not necessary for me to keep a firm grasp on reality because it is evidently socially acceptable for me to be crazy.  If I have a particularly lucid moment, heck, I come out looking like Einstein.
  4. No one on the bleachers bats an eye when I reach for my flask at 9am.
  5. While it is entirely my prerogative to call the visiting goalie a sieve, it is punishable by hot pokers in your eyes should you ever call mine such or any other name in my presence.And the most positive aspect of being a goalie mom…
  6. No one questions my commitment when I leave the arena when it’s a tie game.  They all know I am going to the parking lot to score some valium.

I feel so much better now…

On tap for this weekend:  One team Ice Breaker party tonight, three exhibition games and a practice tomorrow, two practices and a goalie clinic on Sunday…


3 Responses to “Hi, my name is aig63 and I’m a Goalie Mom”

  1. I am excited to get to know you through your blog, one goalie mom to another!!!!! We are heading out to inline hockey where youngest goalie skates out and now hockey is indeed, all year long!

    I would love to promote your blog through mine!

  2. loved your post as I am also a goalie mom….it’s a tough assignment for sure.

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