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We’re in the RED.

Posted by Astra on October 5, 2009

DSC02198That is the colour I choose for recording all hockey-related activities on our VERY LARGE kitchen calendar.  I have been asked why these details are not simply logged into my Outlook calendar or iCal.  While I am keeper of the master hockey schedule in this household, I am not always at the same computer when receiving or relaying the updated family hockey commitments.  Therefore, everything is transcribed from multiple team managers to the Master calendar in RED.  Anyone who casually passed by the calendar this weekend would have noticed 9 markings in red between Friday October 2nd  and Sunday October 4th:  

  1. Team Ice Breaker Party (most hockey teams party at the drop of the hat – or should I say puck – so why not start the season and the weekend off right?) – Friday evening 6:30pm – bring appetizer
  2. Atom team practice – Saturday 8am at Ottawa U.
  3. PeeWee Exhibition Game#1 – Saturday October 3rd at 1:30p at Osgoode Arena
  4. PeeWee Exhibition Game#2  – Saturday October 3rd at 4pm at Blackburn Arena
  5. Minor Bantam Exhibition Game – Saturday Oct 3, 8pm, at Leitrim Arena
  6. Minor Bantam Team Practic – Sunday October 4th at Osgoode Arena
  7. Atom Team Practice – Sunday October 4th , 1:30pm at Bell Arena
  8. PeeWee and Bantan – Goalie Clinic – Sunday October 4th, 2:15pm at Minto Arena
  9. PeeWee Team Practice – Sunday October 4th, 4:30pm at Osgoode Arena

I am neither belligerent nor boastful about this schedule.  Any family with 3 kids can, no doubt, insert any sport or activity into the above schedule.  I am grateful in fact that my kids are interested in sports and I am happy that I keep up with them even if just as a spectator. 

Most likely the real reason I like our hockey schedule is because it gives me license to get absolutely nothing done for an entire 7 months!   My lasting excuse for a messy house the entire winter is “I was at the arena”.  What looks like a dead mouse under the kitchen table is likely just 3 days accumulated dog hair (I won’t lie though, it might be a dead mouse).  The evening’s amazing play-by-plays are traced into the dust on the coffee table.  All travel is suspended and invitations for family gatherings are tentative.   If the cost of hockey equipment doesn’t deliver us penniless, last minute travel and the cost of gas most certainly will as we often require two vehicles for one trip.  I have a standing excuse:  “I have to be at the arena”.   My workout schedule takes a beating as I rearrange running and fitness classes around practices and games… because “I will be at the arena”.   Hey, we all know that extra winter blubber is as Canadian as hockey!  My dedication to their schedule is always dependable, though I am not always popular with family and non-hockey friends. When we are home, no one is in much of a mood for anything but eating nd sleeping – my only other guaranteed supplementary winter activities!    It goes with out saying that during this chaotic hibernation period, the dust bunnies assemble, and future blogs are born!


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