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Give thanks! Play Hockey!

Posted by Astra on October 14, 2009


The makings for a perfect family weekend:  The gathering of the clan, sharing of great food, the splash of great wine, the clatter of constant movement of dishware, the orchestration of vehicles and car buddies for mass family outings, the sizzle of the vibrant conversation …and what else?  Oh, a hockey game or two, of course!  My family gathers from all parts each Thanksgiving to the best of our financial, geographical and timetabled ability.  By stroke of genius, our school board even tacked on a PA Day on the Friday before Thanksgiving making for an extra long, well deserved 4-day weekend.  Traffic was as steady as the rain on our voyage west.  Excitement was in the air though:  the anticipation of late nights with cousins and the thrill of an out-of-town hockey tournament. 

This would mark the first time I see my Goalie1 in tournament play this season – and he made me proud.  Despite a 6-2 loss in his first game, I could see the frustration of his opponents with having only achieved 6 goals in 34 shots on net.  His second game delivered their team a 4-1 victory, and their only victory in this tournament as other two games ended in ties. 

Another negative of the weekend, on top of not advancing, was the behaviour of one of our opposing team’s head coach.  Following the 4-1 victory and a particularly oft occupied penalty box, the opposing coach would not permit his team to shake the hands of our players.  While I understand there are some who think every single hockey game is a display of immaturity, never in my 9 years of being a hockey mom have I ever seen a coach refuse this standard post-game ritual. 

Around the Thanksgiving table, we collectively and occasionally jokingly shared what we were most thankful for:  the turkey for giving his life; Justin Bieber; but all were thankful for family and good health.  Just like I said:  family weekends and hockey do mix.


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