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Romans Rock!

Posted by Astra on October 15, 2009


It was a spectacular start Romans Minor Bantam B, as they took their season-opener with a 5-0 win.  For my Goalie31, it meant shut-out too, which is a valuable and elusive statistical victory for a goaltender.

I was informed last night of a team tradition for these victorious Romans:  should the team earn a shut-out win, they are all treated to pizza following the next practice.  My initial thought was, “Wow!  How generous!”  While it likely comes from the team budget (which means I contribute to its payment anyway), it rallies the boys.  Then my next thought was:  “Oh no!  Being a goalie mom is not nerve-racking enough, now I have pizza night on the line too!”

Since Reward Strategy is part of my professional toolkit, I am taking this exercise to heart.  I’m trying to come up with a few other “carrots” that don’t revolve around mounting more pressure on the goalie and adding to my intake of prescription Valium (because it’s simply not right that I still have stress over a 5-on-3 with 40 seconds to go when we already have a 5 goal lead).

I’ve decided to come forward and sponsor several additional player awards.  While aimed at motivating other team players, they might prove critical in the anti-aging process for me:  

 The Sweat Equity Award
Awarded to the player who sweats more than I do during a close game…. I buy the winner new UnderArmour.

 The Bubblegum Award
Awarded to the player who is most effective at making sure all my goalie has to do is stand around and chew gum for the game.  I give the Winner a big wad of DoubleBubble.

 The PingPong Award
Awarded to the defensive player who makes the best effort at keeping the puck in the opponent’s end zone and keeping it away from our end zone.  Winner gets my daily dose of Percoset and Valium (two great tastes that taste great together).

The Wrinkle Remover Award
warded to the player with the most penalty minutes in the game and causing the most stress to the goalie mom.  The winner must pay for my Botox.

 ….And the first star, la première étoile:

 The Hat Trick
A twist on the traditional, awarded to the player who brings up our team’s goal differential to +3 allowing this goalie mom to come up for air.  Winners get my portable oxygen tank for a couple of whiffs before the next game.


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