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Reliability is Job#1

Posted by Astra on October 29, 2009

hondaThere is a new Honda ad running on TV, shown mostly during HNIC but during other family time slots as well.  First pan lots of early morning hockey parents getting their kids out of bed to get to the hockey arena, zoom in on Zamboni operators preparing the ice, close-up of the canteen man making a pot of coffee, biting cold picturesque winter mornings, that’s the scenery.  The tag line?  Honda:  as reliable as the people who drive them.  The commercial is so very touching, I am ready to shed a tear.  Truth is, I’m pretty sure my kids, and Honda for that matter, might take my reliability for granted.  

Think about this:  with 3 kids in minor hockey, I am juggling the where-and-when-abouts of roughly 80 league games alongside a couple hundred practice times, dry land training sessions, developmental clinics, fundraising events and at least 12 tournaments (not to mention the pre-season tryouts too) over the course of seven months.  No wonder hockey parents are poor and crazy.  Statistically, there’s lots of room for error: at least once during the hockey season, I send my husband and player to the wrong arena.  “Hey I’m here at KRC and I can’t find any of the team.”  Oops. Check the calendar:  “Ummm, maybe that’s because you’re supposed to be at GRC, honey.”  Occasionally I am tripped up by the team and arena names:  I almost took my daughter to OttawaU1 last weekend but in fact her opponent was Ottawa1 but the arena was not OttawaU1.  Who can blame me for that mix up?   Most arenas in the Ottawa area are now known to me (or at least my GPS) but not without learning the hard way that Earl Armstrong arena is not on Earl Armstrong Road, Leitrim arena also goes by the name Fred Barrett arena and there’s a Sportsplex and a Sensplex.  My list of probable mix-ups can go on forever.   I would love to automatically download each of my three online hockey team calendars right into my Outlook calendar.  Hey, is there an ap for that??!!

Finally, don’t be fooled by the charming imagery of the canteen man making his early morning first pot of coffee either. There ain’t no Starbucks in hockeyville and I never witnessed a canteen open for business at any of the 6am practices I’ve dragged myself and my superstar out of bed for. 

Nevertheless, despite our shortcomings and occasional screw-ups and the fact that not all of us own a Honda, hockey parents do manage to get their kids to games and practices whether tired, sick, hungry, or yes, occasionally hung over. For that, we can be applauded. 

Score another one for the ad world.


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