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Fundraising 101

Posted by Astra on November 10, 2009

hockey mom

Ok, Tony Robbins, help me out, I’m a lousy salesperson.  As every hockey parent knows, the fall season brings us all back to the hockey arena as well as the showground of Team Fundraising.  Three cheques x 3 kids totals an already considerable sum, yet this will only cover their ice schedule (practices and games), jersey use or rental, tournament entry fees, trainers and team equipment (first aid kids, pucks, pylons, etc).  Most team budgets cannot cover the cost of team activities, team meals during tournaments or any other semi-hockey-related-event without hitting the pavement, knocking on doors and rubbing elbows (have I missed any clichés?) in order to do some fundraising for the teams.

This seasonal event is not without anxiety as I have now lived in the same neighbourhood for 10 years, married to the same man for 18 years, and been part of the same family for 46 years:  my network of new suckers is not growing.

Each year, I have a number of options open to me.  In addition to volunteering 4 hours of my Saturday morning staffing a local bingo hall with 3 other hockey parents, I may also be asked to participate in neighbourhood bottle drives collecting someone else’s old beer and wine bottles.  Over the years, I have been asked to sell Christmas wreaths, cookie dough, gift cards, JrA hockey tickets or programs and numerous raffle tickets.  I will solicit participation in hockey pools and post practice Gatorade sales.  I may be asked to attend or organize parties and dances or purchase tickets to these events.  As many times as I’ve put out my requests, I’ve also received as many in return from the various fundraising events of my friends and their kids’ teams.  Nine years in hockey and I’ve probably doled out as much cash for other teams as I’ve raked in for ours! 

When I receive another incoming email about a team fundraiser, I have the best intentions of really doing a good job.  Truth is, I suck.   My kids are waaaaay better at selling.  Just to lay credit where it is due, they do often participate in the fundraising activities sponsored by their team –  as well they should since they are the ones who benefit directly from the effort!   Who can say no to a cute 9-year old with big blue eyes sporting a hockey jersey that goes down to her knees?  Not many, is the correct answer by the way

On that note, I have beautiful real evergreen Christmas wreaths for your festive door and loads of cookie and muffin batter for your freezer.  If you’re not busy next Saturday night, and up for a great night of euchre (and drinking) in rural Ottawa, let me know!


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