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My almost-Paul Henderson moment

Posted by Astra on November 18, 2009

My daughter participated in the Cornwall Girls Hockey Association annual house league tournament.  It was their 26th annual event which was the first tough pill to swallow because I lived in Cornwall for eleven years and don’t remember a girls’ hockey team let alone their annual hockey tournament.  Now that I think more about it though, I graduated from high school and left Cornwall in 1983 which would have been the year of their first annual event.  This math illustration upsets me.  Still, I do not remember any girls’ hockey when I lived there.

Back to my daughter’s weekend. The Cornwall event is always a great event for her and her team, as the players get to know each other a little better and gel as a team.  We always stay at the NavCan conference facility (Transportation Canada training facility for air traffic controllers) which is a great venue complete with a pool, cafeteria, and gym, pub and social rooms galore.  Hopefully NavCan’s Corporate Event Planner warned Tara Smith that attendees to her Friday evening Scrapbooking function are going to be a little distracted by the noise level accompanied by 350 little girls as upwards of 20 girls’ hockey teams were staying there (poor Tara, hope she got a refund).   It’s also a great weekend for the parents’ to get to know each other too!

My daughter’s team did very well as they finished first in the round robin but lost in the semifinal.  It was a very close game and soon afterward, on the drive home, I found myself fantasizing about Emily scoring the winning goal or at least netting the tying goal.  Very feeble hockey parenting, I know.   She had had a couple of breakaways and my heart started to beat a little faster each time.  She deaks the first player – no sweat.  “Go, girl, go!” I scream in my head (okay, not in my head).   I hold my breath but then a second player overtakes her and knocks the puck out from under her stick. Poof!  There goes my fairytale ending, my Cinderella story.  With just one minute left in the game, we are down 2-1 so our coach pulls our goalie and puts the extra “man” out there.  An empty-netter seals the win for our opponents, who incidentally go on to win the Final (in double overtime, mind you) and take the trophy for the Atom division.  A new rivalry has emerged:  AH2 and AH5.  Look for the fierce rematch at the Nepean Girls Hockey Association in January.

I really have to laugh now about my little fantasy about my pint-size, would-be Paul Henderson.  Looking in the rear-view mirror, she is fast asleep recuperating from a weekend of fun, fast-food, and friendship with 15 other little girls.  I’m sure she was dreaming about the frolic in the pool, the movie nights and crafting sessions during party time and the raucous group restaurant meals.  I’m pretty sure she wasn’t worried about the foiled breakaway and the tying goal that wasn’t to be.  That was, after all, my fantasy, not hers – and I can barely skate.

26th Annual, indeed.


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