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The International Hockey Weekend

Posted by Astra on December 2, 2009

This past weekend marked the 4th hockey tournament of our month of November 2009 and a double bill for our family.  My husband went off to Lake Placid, NY for a CanAm tournament with my oldest, I went off to Toronto for the Ice Dogs tournament with my middle guy, and my daughter was thrilled to be left behind from this hectic “boys” road trip by spending it with her friend for a double bill of her own:  the weekend sleepover.

Tournament weekends are always a source of great anticipation and excitement for young minor hockey players because they are usually kicked off with a Friday off school.  I look forward to them quite selfishly too since I am not usually summoned for kitchen duty or other household chores.  The packing list can be intimidating as thought must be given to how the beer will stay cold and the hockey equipment warm, your wardrobe must span warm arena attire to lifeguarding in the pool area in sauna like heat, sensible foot ware for shopping (if I’m lucky), and the right clothes for restaurants without golden arches (if I’m lucky).  I think there is more free space in a van packed for a week long camping trip than one packed for a hockey weekend.

The CanAm tournament was a huge success with my son’s team winning the Gold Medal – a fitting feat in this Miracle of miracles Olympic Village.  Though I wasn’t able to witness the win, text messaging and emailed camera phone shots kept me in the loop – almost like being there! 

Although our Toronto weekend was not as successful as hoped (we were one goal shy of advancing to the semifinal with a 1-1-1 record), I was reminded of the same lesson I learn after every loss:  get over it – the kids already have!  We took in the King Tut exhibit at the AGO on Sunday morning which made up for any other disappointments during the weekend.  I found the exhibit rather expensive, crowded and slow moving but my budding Egyptologist’s intense review of each and every display and careful attention to the audio guide (he never listens to me so intently) was as rewarding to me as his hockey wins.


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