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Bell Capital Cup 2009

Posted by Astra on January 7, 2010

It’s not every day your kid gets to participate in an athletic competition with close to 10,000 other kids from around the world.  Although a pretty significant one comes to mind commencing in a couple of weeks in Vancouver, I am actually referring to the 11th annual Bell Capital Cup for minor hockey players ages 9 to 12 from around the world which takes place annually in Ottawa in late December.

What started as a pretty small international event (deemed international because there was one team from upstate New York) has grown to close to 500 teams from all over Canada (including the Iqaluit Blizzard), Germany, Finland, Switzerland and the United States.  Three years ago, the participation of 510 teams earned the Bell Capital Cup a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest hockey tournament.  The championship game of each division (and there are 26 divisions ranging from Major PeeWee AAA to sledge hockey) is played at Scotiabank Place and is televised. 

In a gesture of friendship, competing teams exchange hockey pins before each game.  Pin-trading is had become a very common a side sport throughout the tournament and its 21 venues around Ottawa-Gatineau.  While the pin-trade might be just another Disney-inspired capitalistic venture to some, to my kids it’s just the ice-breaker needed to speak to your opposing goalie from the Geneva Moskitos (Geneva, Switzerland that is, not Geneva New York). 

Speaking of memories, the 2009 NHL draft boasted 9 Bell Capital Cup alumni, including John Tavares.  Participating team coaches in this years’ Bell Capital Cup included Tom Glavine, Keith Primeau, Matthew Barnaby and Derian Hatcher. Aside from these notables, the 2,000 volunteers who make this annual event possible also deserve a couple Hip-Hip-Hoorays.

 This past Bell Capital Cup marked our family’s 5th and possibly final year of participation, making our boys veterans of the tournament.   It has spawned great memories and numerous traditions including spaghetti dinners with the Andersons of the Clarington Toros.  This year, our son’s team finished round robin play with a respectable 2-1-0 record including a win against the Geneva Moskitos, but did not advance to the elimination rounds.  Our family’s future participation hinges on the hopes, dreams and will of our 9-year old daughter whose eligibility is only possible should she succeed at the competitive girls Atom AA level. 

I realize Canada has just suffered a crushing blow to its hockey supremacy with a World Junior Championship loss to the United States but the world has not seen the last of our great young players… and the Bell Capital Cup has hopefully not seen the last of the Chisholms. 

The Bell Capital Cup – the holy grail of hockey for thousands of 9 to 12 year olds.



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